Our Mission


UNPLASTIC aims to provide educators with the tools necessary to teach about plastic pollution.

We should not underestimate our youth.

At UNPLASTIC we believe in the incredible power of students to become the change-makers we need to ensure a life in which fish rule the oceans, not plastic. Students are the change-makers of tomorrow.


At UNPLASTIC we provide the tools necessary for teachers to empower their students and deliver awareness to the global issue of plastic pollution.

Proper education is essential to ensure that youth possess the knowledge needed to develop solutions to safe their future from a world invested with plastic pollution. We believe that youth is capable of understanding the complexities of plastic pollution. We also believe that they are the key to this global issue, as long as they are fully aware of the state of our planet.


No matter what you study in school, the news will continue to bombard you with devastating news about the degradation of our environment, pollution, and health issues related to both of them.

Instead of being shocked when we once again hear about plastic being found in a prestine or remote place in the world, we should educate students for the world that we now live in.


"The education of children today, empowers the change-makers of tomorrow."


Plastic pollution and all its stakeholders, effects and dynamics may be complex things to wrap ones head around. Which is why we wanted to facilitate the education on plastic pollution in a way that is easy to understand and easy to use.

While other contemporary challenges, such as climate change, are a little more abstract, plastic pollution is tangible and visible. The UNPLASTIC modules suggest various exercises and activities to actively engage with the material, get involved, and contribute to a rise in global sustainable citizenship.