module 0

Introduction to Plastic (Pollution)


Plastic has affected all humans on this planet in some way, shape, or form. Plastic has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. A product that can help save lives, is now also the cause for the loss of many lives. The mass consumption of plastic, and the inconsiderate disposal thereof, is the source of large-scale plastic pollution today.


This module will provide an introduction to plastic and plastic pollution. Questions such as: what is plastic; how is plastic made; and where does plastic go after it is no longer to use to us, will be answered in this module.


Key concepts: naturally occurring vs. synthetic plastic, nurdles, useful vs. single use plastic, non-point source pollution


Learning outcomes

At the end of this module students will

  • Be able to explain how plastic is made

  • Be able to describe the difference between single-use plastic and useful plastic

  • Understand what the linear economy means and how this relates to plastic

  • Describe what happens to plastic after it is no longer in use