Political Arts and Power


This module is on political art in relation to powerful institutions, and links this directly to the issue of plastic pollution. first we will explore the definition of political art, and link it directly to several pieces of art. Subsequently, three types of political art will be discussed: propaganda, political protest, and cartoons & satire. Finally, we will directly apply the concept of political art to the issue of plastic pollution and explore and discuss how it is used as a tool to influence multinationals.


KEY CONCEPTS: political art, propoganda, protest art

  • Introduction: What is political art?

  • Propaganda

  • Political protest art

    • Cartoon

  • How is plastic pollution addressed in political art aimed at influencing powerful parties?

  • Conclusion


At the end of the module, students are able to:

  1. Provide a definition of political art.

  2. List and discuss two types two types of political art related to the government:

    1. Propaganda

    2. Political protest art

  3. Describe and discuss how political art is used nowadays to address plastic pollution to the government and large companies.


Political Arts and Society

This module is on political art in relation to society, specifically addressing plastic pollution. First we will define what political art actually means, and we will discuss several art pieces. Subsequently, we will discuss three categories of political art: portrayal, projection, and promotion. Finally, students will be asked to assess which of these type of art they perceive to be the most powerful when it comes to addressing plastic pollution



  • Introduction: what is political art?

  • Portrayal

    • The environment – Banksy

    • Sea globes – Max Liboiron

  • Promotion

    • The parting of the plastic sea – Von Wong

    • Plastic pollution – Bonnie Monteleone

  • Projection

    • Washed up series - Alejandro Durán

  • Conclusion

At the end of the module students

  • Can provide a general definition of political art.

  • Are able to list and discuss the two aims of political art addressing society:

    • Addressing societal issues

    • Raising awareness

  • Can reflect on how these aims often overlap in real life, yet discuss how the distinction provides a useful framework to analyze political art.